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When the leader of an all women's self-help retreat disappears, a skeptical young woman watches as the women around her move from one false lead to the next. Meanwhile, just below the surface, the town is brewing its own trouble, as the retreat center's highly sought-after property becomes prey to sharks of a different sort.

                ...when self-help never hurt so much...


This (screenplay) gives voice to female characters we just don't see in American TV and posits their uniqueness within the hairpin universe of the thriller.


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the challenge



My friend, Anna Marrian, challenged me to raise money. She said she would give me $100 if I could find nineteen other people to donate $100. Fifteen people stepped up right away. We were able to shoot principal photography through the donations of generous and supportive family members and friends on FB.


Aside from the challenge, I need to thank the generousity of producers, the always steady, always kind Maria Nieto, the stellar Lesleh Donaldson, and Lesleh's dear friend, Jason Bracht.











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